Throwing Rocks at the Patriarchy: A Folk Magic Spell of Resistance

A little bit of stone and sigil craft to guard women from male violence.

I am a hands-on, crafty, folk magic witch. Entering my home I see a railroad spike for protection, a jar of honey for love, a bag of herbs for good luck. This brand of folk magic requires me to partner my own spirit with elements of the natural world. It reminds me that my spirit and power are intertwined with the rest of existence. That I do not operate alone.

It can be easy to feel alone right now. The White House is a garbage fire, the Supreme Court just took a blow to the heart, and for all intents and purposes it seems the Ministry has fallen. On the positive side, I see many people fighting back, organizing in their communities, and turning out to vote. I am inspired daily by the different forms of rebellion and healing that I see in the world.

But still I wonder: as magical people, what does it look like when we bolster our political resistance with magical action? What possibilities can open when we apply the full strength of our spirit to the matters that lie close to our heart?

One of the reasons that I love folk magic is because it holds within itself legacies of resistance. As the spiritual medicine of "common folk" and working class people, folk magic blends ingenuity, practicality, and mysticism in potent ways. It finds amidst oppression, lack, and hostility ways of enacting agency, opportunity, and peace. Folk magic brings to life the genius of the candle, the coffee grinds, and the crossroads. And in moments of adversity it can raise our spirits into dazzling leaps of defiance.

It is in this spirit, and amidst this need for resistance, that I created the Women's Protection sigil stone. Drawing on lore from Ireland and inspired by stone magic from around the world, these sigil stones are batteries for specific energies and help anchor these energies in the physical world. I like to think of them as great-grandchildren of the Ogham stones, the Celtic Tree-Alphabet which is still used in sigilcraft to this day. They act as talismans, wards, and fetishes. And as modern versions of "carved stone", they also house the energy of their sigil and help it to interlock with the energy of their physical space.

Women's Protection Sigil

I created this sigil after Dr. Christine Ford's testimony and the subsequent sham investigation into Kavanaugh. I had also recently attended a workshop on Sigil Witchery with the incomprable Laura Tempest Zackroff, and was feeling particularly inspired. It is designed specifically to protect all self-identified women from male violence. It draws upon goddess strength to create safe space and to stay guarded against male aggression so that all our sisters (and not just our cisters) have the protection that our society has so clearly demonstrated it will require of them.

The crossroads represent the intersections of female identity being addressed, which extend beyond race, class, legal status, or gender assigned at birth. The circle at the center creates the astrological sign for Venus in all four directions. The crescent moons, long associated with womanhood, crown the circle at its most vulnerable points making four Taurus signs. Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, is represented by the bull: stubborn, strong, and resilient.

This sigil is not meant to displace any of the amazing medicine which women have created for their own liberation. Rather, it is intended as a contribution from male America toward the resistance. I have seen men say over and over, "How can women stand this?" "Women should strike!" and other such nonsense. It is not women's duty to fight single-handedly for their own equality, although they have been doing so for a rather long time. What makes me happy is when I see men, as the privileged class, using our positions to advance their fight. Which is why this sigil has a sibling: the Detoxifying Masculinity sigil.

Detoxifying Masculinity Sigil

The crossroads in this sigil once again represents the intersections of male identity being addressed. The circle at the center creates male symbols in all four directions, and the outward spiral represents drawing the poison out of these identities. It also forces the removal of male dominance from the center of our political structure. It spirals four times as four is the number of structure and systemic oppression. Finally, inspired by the rebel goddess Diana, the crescent moons before the arrows use feminine power as a bow to launch this toxicity from our hearts and society.

Sigil stones can be used as magical wards, focal points for meditation, markers of sacred space, and altar pieces. In a pinch they make a cunning weapon. They can also be placed in public spaces and used to "grid" a city. It is my hope that other people can also draw protection and inspiration from these sigils. I would love to see other folks using them, creating their own sigils, or being inspired to make their own medicine.

If you would like to, I hope you feel free to use them however Spirit leads you. If you do use this sigil for a candle, a spell, or any other purpose, please share how you used it with me! I would love to be inspired by your craft. Building medicine together in community is part of how I practice folk magic. (For those who would prefer to purchase them, I am selling these sigil stones for $5 on my etsy store and donating 10% of profits to Planned Parenthood, but please feel free to make them on your own.)

So go out. Be a fucking bad ass witch! Use your magic and your vote in ways that bolster each other. And remember- always wear protective garments before burning the patriarchy to the goddamned ground.