How to Get the Most from Your Tarot Reading

A tarot reader's guide to getting spectacular spiritual insight.

Tarot readings can be profound, life-changing tools for navigating the world around us. They can also be expensive, surreal, or even a wee bit scary. Here are some professional tips for how to select a reader, what to expect from your reading, and how to get the most from your experience.

So you're ready for a reading?

Maybe you've been thinking about it for a while, or maybe you are a tarot reading regular. Either way, the person who you will receive your reading from is one of the defining factors of your experience. Different readers have different spiritual philosophies, styles, and strengths, and finding a reader who connects with you is just as important as finding a good doctor, friend, or therapist.

Shop around.

Before you select your reader, why not try asking some of your close friends if they've ever had a reading? Word of mouth is the strongest testimony in our industry, and going to someone with a strong reputation can help you feel relaxed and ready. A skilled and trustworthy professional will know how to make you feel comfortable, talk about difficult subjects with compassion and grace, and have the ability to shift their consciousness so that you can receive the spiritual guidance that you need.

Decide your reading length and budget.

Do you need a quick yes/no reading, or is it time to really explore what's going on and how to fix it. Determining how in-depth you want to go can help make sure that you're not cutting yourself short or paying for time that you don't really need. My recommendation is to ask yourself, "After I receive my initial answer, how long will I want to talk about what the cards are saying?" If you just want the end result, then a shorter reading is probably appropriate for you. If you are working through something thorny and will need time to talk about the nature of the problem, then a longer reading might be advisable.

Budgeting, of course, will also help you choose your length. Every reader has their own price point, determined by local standards, reputation, and availability. Not everyone charging $500 is going to be amazing, and not everyone reading for free will be awful, but there is a certain reciprocity to "getting what you pay for". When in doubt, ask yourself how honest the person in front of you feels and how much you can honestly afford to pay right now. Never push your budget or feel like you should trust someone's abilities more than you do. If you stay within your personal boundaries in those areas then you will be certain to have a regret-free reading.

Open or closed?

There are two main types of readings: open readings, which allow for any and all pertinent messages to come through, and focused readings, which zero in on a specific question. Not all readers do both, so make sure to ask your reader what their style is and if they can accommodate you.

Readers who do focused readings will often work with you create the perfect question, tailoring it so that it will yield the most detailed results. I find that taking the time to make a short list of things you want clarity on can be very helpful. It is generally best if these things are related to each other, although a skilled reader can touch on several different topics if they are provided with enough time.

Some readers, like myself, specialize in open readings. The first time that I read for the majority of my clients I may not know anything about them other than their name. An open reading can be powerful and surprising, as the reader reveals details validating the experiences of the person being read for. These readings can often be emotional as well. There have been many times when the cards showed me the secret trials of a person's life that even their closest friends did not know about.

If you find someone to be your regular card reader then you will likely want to ask focused questions eventually as you continue your self-growth.

Feel free to take notes.

One of the most valuable tips I can give you is to take notes on your reading. Later, as you are reflecting on the messages from the cards, it can be incredibly useful to have a solid point of reference. Determine which method works best for you. Do you like to write notes in your journal while your reader is talking, record the session on your phone, or simply take a picture of the cards? Try them all and see what is helpful.

Readings can be powerful ways to help us navigate the world. Almost everyone I know has had powerful experiences of looking back and saying, "Wow, that reading ended up being dead on." I hope you have a relationship with the cards that empowers and uplifts your life. Best of wishes for your future readings. May we all receive the wisdom we require, in the way that we require it.

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