Hoodoo for the Holidays: 10 Tricks to Get You Through the Season

The holidays can be a rough time. Between balancing budgets, fighting the flu, and complicated family life sometimes we just want a little extra support. Great news, witches! We've got you covered. Here are ten of my top tips to get you through the holidays.

1. Reconciliation Cards

If there is someone in your life who you are ready to reconnect with, try sending them a card dressed with Reconciliation sachet powder. Unlike Return to Me products, which are about reigniting romantic interest, Reconciliation is more aimed towards peace and forgiveness. The holidays are a perfect time to reconcile - not only because people tend to be more sentimental, but also because you can send someone a tricked holiday card without it seeming suspicious (wink, wink). If you wish, you may write your holiday card by the light of a single white or pink candle dressed with Reconciliation oil. Sachets can be sprinkled upon your hands while you write to guide your words and then also dusted upon the card before you send it.

2. Holiday House Blessing

Sometimes we can be tempted to let the holidays throw us off of our regular budget. This simple spell, adapted from material by cat yronwode, will help make sure that your home isn't thrown off balance and remains financially blessed. Cleanse your home with a mixture of warm water, Florida or Peace Water, and about 1/4 cup of kosher salt to which you have added some Blessing or Prosperity oils. After you are done cleansing your home, go into the room you use most often and place all the money from your wallet, pockets, and purses on a clean dish. Dress the money and a blue vigil candle with your oil and place the candle on top of the money as it burns. When the candle is finished, use the money to buy things that makes your home a sanctuary this holiday season.

3. Blessing for a Baby

If any of your woo-friendly peeps had a kid this year then a simple and touching gift for the baby could be a Guardian Angel gris gris. Although this charm works well for any child who has not yet reached puberty, it is traditional to give it to infants and newborns in order to keep angelic protection around the child. Take a white cloth, a picture of the Guardian Angel with their prayer written on the back, Angelica root, and Flax seed, and wrap them up into a mojo bag to hang by the baby's crib. This charm does great when it is fed with Holy Water, but can also be sprinkled with 7-11 Holy Oil or simply fed with heartfelt prayer.

4. Stop Gossip Gifts

For that person in your life who just can't seem to mind their own business, try giving them a small present tricked with Stop Gossip sachet! The ideal gift to give is something edible which you know they love, and if you really want to go over the top you can bake it yourself making sure to include some licorice! (Licorice is used both to soothe a scratchy throat as well as an herb of commanding in hoodoo) As you wrap the present, you can anoint the corners of the paper with Stop Gossip oil and dust the center with sachet. As you fold the paper over the present (making sure always to fold away from yourself) you also entrap and conceal their wagging tongue. As you tape it together you bind their lips. Give yourself the gift of a drama-free holiday and get them to quit running their mouths about your business!

5. The Hand of Saint Christopher

If you're traveling for the holidays why not cook up a little gris gris to keep you safe on your way? Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, and is a great person to burn candles for whenever you're going on a trip. To make his mojo hand, take a picture of Saint Christopher and write his prayer upon the back. Place it in a square of yellow or red cloth and add some Comfrey and Angelica root. Feed it with Holy Water, Safe Travel, or Van Van oil and keep it in your suitcase.

6. Calming Tea

This is a very strong tea that I use to knockout my insomnia, and is based off a recipe by Rosemary Gladstar. You can use a lighter dose to help keep you calm during the day, or you can take 1-2 cups at night to put you under. Measuring by weight, mix three parts Passionflower, three parts Oatstraw, two parts Chamomile, two parts Valerian, and one part Hops. Take about 1T in each teabag. It will chill you out- I promise.

Teas can be used in Hoodoo both internally and externally as spiritual baths.

7. A Poppet to Make Someone Peaceful

If you're worried about someone making waves at an upcoming gathering you can always make a Tranquility Poppet to help them stay peaceful. Blue yarn or cloth works best for this poppet, and you'll want to load them with a personal concern (a photo with their name and birth date will work in a pinch), Angelica Root, Violet leaves, Passionflower, and a Balm of Gilead bud anointed with Tranquility oil. Use Holy Water to baptize the poppet in the name of your target, and then place them upon a Bible opened to Psalms 98. Take two white or blue candles anointed with Tranquility oil and place one on either side, and then light some Frankincense and Myrrh in front of the poppet while you pray for them to let peace reign in their hearts. On the day of the gathering make sure that your poppet is freshly smoked in incense and sitting upon the open Psalm.

8. A Spoken Charm Against Illness

The last thing you want ruining your holidays is a bought of the flu to keep you down. In addition to making sure to eat, sleep, and dress for your climate, you can also say this prayer against illness from "The Charmer's Psalter": "God the Lord went over the land; Ninety sicknesses came from the sand. Said the Lord to the ninety sick, "Whither go ye? Answer me quick." Then said the ninety of the sand, "To take men's health we walk the land. To hurt their limbs and fester their skin, to shake them well without and within."Then spake the Lord, to the elder-bush go that grows where the healing waters flow; see that you do this thing just now, and (sic) ullthe bush down bough for bough. Name the diseases you bring from the sand. Leave God the Lord to walk the land."

9. Cleansing Baths

This is a must-do for pretty much everyone at this time of the year. Although there are tons of recipes for Cleansing baths, I'm going to give you one that pretty much anyone can do. Mix some Mint, Eucalyptus, and a whole sliced lemon and bring them to a gentle boil. After 13 minutes remove them and add them to your bath, straining the herbs out if you like. Optionally, you can also add 2oz - 1 cup of Kosher or Epsom salt, too. Using the light of only one white candle, bathe for 13 minutes as you pray for all negativity to be washed away from you. Wash yourself in downward strokes moving from crown to foot, and save a cup of your dirty water before you drain the tub. Air dry, dress in clean, light-coloured clothes, and take your used water to the crossroads. Throw it over your shoulder into the crossroads and then walk home without looking back. You don't need to carry that shit.

10. Cut-and-Clear for the New Year

Instead of doing a New Year's Resolution, why not try a Cut-and-Clear spell? Take a piece of lined paper and make a line down the middle of it. On the left side write a list of things you are removing from your life, and on the right side make a list of equal length of energies you are replacing the toxic list with. When you are ready, cut the paper down the middle, anoint the left list with Cut-and-Clear oil, fold it away from you, and burn it with some Lemon leaves. Then take the right side, anoint with any Blessing oil, fold it towards you, and wrap it up in some red cloth with Five-Finger-Grass and a lodestone. Scatter the ashes at the crossroads, and feed your mojo with Blessing oil throughout the coming year.

These are just a handful of tips to help get you through the holidays and into 2019. Got any that you're excited to try, or other tips you'd like to share? Let us know by posting in the comments! Now go forth and hoodoo the holidays like they've never been hoodooed before.