Rowan Rivers is a professional tarot reader, queer witch, folk magician, and performing artist in the Bay Area.


He also manages The Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, California, one of the longest running and most well-respected metaphysical stores in America, where he teaches and offers spiritual services to the public. 


Rowan's spirituality is influenced by the folk-Catholicism of his Filipino-Irish roots, the Feri tradition of witchcraft, astrology, and art. He is a Reiki Master/Teacher of over 10 years as well as an aborisha and student of Ifa. He has trained with and graduated from cat yronwode's Rootwork Apprenticeship Program, Black Rose Witchcraft, and Chas Bogan's Modern Conjure.

Current projects include a book on post-colonial Filipino spirituality and folk magic classes taught at The Mystic Dream.


If you are interested in booking a reading or energy work service in person, you can do so at TheMysticDream.com.